Seniors LINCS

Living Independently with Community Supports

A small specialized team of health professionals supporting seniors, their families and caregivers in the community.  The Team is designed to coordinate and deliver integrated services and supports to the growing senior population in Kings and Annapolis Counties by:

  • Developing working partnerships with other support and service providers
  • Educating the senior population, their families and caregivers regarding health promotion, illness and injury prevention
  • Providing a consultation service for hospital, community and other health providers
  • Facilitating educational opportunities for AVH health care team members and our partners in other sectors regarding senior’s issues

Health Professionals Include:

Social Workers, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Dietitian, Recreation Coordinator, Challenging Behaviour Resource Consultant, a District Manager, and an Administrative Assistant. The Expanded Team includes:  Seniors Mental Health, Discharge Planning, Continuing Care Coordinators, Emergency Health Services, Palliative Care, Senior Safety, Clinical Resource Nurse – Geriatrics, Addictions Services, VON, Nurse Practitioner and a Geriatrician - (hoping to include Pharmacy in the near future).

What We Offer

1. Assessment, Consultation, Referral and Facilitation of services and supports for:

  • Individuals 65 years and older, who would require an alternate level of care  but with appropriate services and supports could return to their place of residence
  • Individuals 65 years and older with a history of falls or a high potential to lose   their functional ability
  • Individuals with caregiver issues that place the individual at risk of not being able to remain in their place of  residence 

2. Promoting a Frail Friendly environment in AVH by educating staff and partners as well as working to influence policy and programming for this vulnerable population.

3. Enhancing educational opportunities for seniors, their families and caregivers regarding safe living environments, health promotion and management of chronic and progressive medical conditions.

4. Seniors LINCS is a small program and as a result referrals will be prioritized and may be redirected based on the following criteria:


  • AVH Emergency Room Physician
  • Family Physician/Nurse Practitioner
  • Any Expanded Team Member (with Family Physician knowledge)