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What is Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain is a complex problem with both clinical and psychological implications, it requires a comprehensive approach to evaluation and treatment. Acute and chronic pain underlie much of the economic burden and loss of quality of life and functioning associated with chronic diseases. Chronic pain affects 20% of Canadians and jumps to 60% for those over the age of 65. It is estimated that as many as 150,000 Nova Scotians live with Chronic Pain.

Chronic Pain Management in Annapolis Valley Health

Annapolis Valley Health has been chosen as a primary Chronic Pain Management Clinic. The one day a week clinic is part of a provincial initiative to better manage the many Nova Scotians suffering with chronic pain, and will focus on an interdisciplinary and provincially standardized approach to care.

The focus of our team is to work with clients to develop a plan of care, refer to other services when needed, navigate clients through the healthcare system specific to pain management, and increase awareness for capacity to care for self and live well.

Our clinic staff will work with other Chronic Pain care providers to continue to provide a Chronic Pain Self-Management course that is already operating in the district. In addition, the team strives to ensure that clients referred to our pain clinic are linked to pre-existing relevant services in the community.

The Chronic Pain Provider Team at AVH:

The Pain Management Team consists of a doctor who specializes in chronic pain, a psychologist, a pharmacist, an occupational therapist, a nurse, a dietician, a physiotherapist and office staff. We offer an inter-disciplinary approach to pain management. The treatment involves many things to help the whole person. We are not just interested in your pain, we are interested in you as a whole person who is living with pain.
Clinic Day- Wednesdays from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Treatment Strategies Offered by Our Program:

Interdisciplinary assessment
Access to the Self-Management Pain Program
Medications Management
Nutrition counseling
Psychological Support
Therapeutic exercise
Information related to financial concerns and community resources
AVH Chronic Pain Management Program Brochure

For the convenience of Physicians and the Healthcare Team:

Memo: Start-up of Chronic Pain Services in AVH (PDF)
FAQ Sheet for Physicians (PDF)
Referral Form (PDF)

Chronic Pain Management Program referrals should be directed to:

Chronic Pain Program Coordinator
Room 127
WKM Health Centre
121 Orchard Street
Berwick, Nova Scotia
B0P 1E0
Telephone: (902) 538-7103
Fax: (902) 538-9590 * Attention: Chronic Pain Clinic

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