Changing Our Picture of Health

Changing Our Picture of Health was born our of a problem. In 2006, the Population Health Committee of South Shore Health, South West Health and Annapolis Valley Health hosted a conference on Nova Scotia’s beautiful south shore. Titled “Working Towards Health Together”, the conference brought in internationally known and local champions of population health. Attendees included health care administration, some health care staff, community health board members, and community partners. It was, by all accounts, a success. Except, many of our colleagues on the front lines of health care couldn’t attend and thus, couldn’t learn, participate or teach us about their challenges. We all know the reason. Front line health care is a tremendously busy place to be. They couldn’t get to us. So how could we bring the discussion to them?

As we were together, problem solving, one of us said, well, what about a video?

To say we knew nothing about producing a video is to understate the case. But we did have passion, we had an idea, and with the support of the executive in our district health authorities, and at Nova Scotia Health Promotion and Protection, we were able to pursue it. With Mathew Welsh and his team at Journeyman Films, we were able to create a piece of work that we are truly proud of. This film not only showcases some truly amazing people, we also hope it will spur discussion, ideas, and action on how we can redefine, rebuild and reconnect to health.

Take time to explore this site – watch the video, use the tools, and give us your feedback. And we’ll give you ours.

What’s your picture of health? What’s your role in the health care system? Can you imagine it differently?

We want to try.

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