Vascular Surgery Clinic

This clinic provides surgical and non-surgical care for people with vascular disease. This includes people with Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD, venous disease and aneurysms).

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Vascular Lab

The non-invasive vascular lab performs studies such as: ankle brachial indices (ABIs), segmental pressures, pulse volume recordings (PVRs), toe pressure indices (TBIs) and diagnostic peripheral ultrasound to detect and quantify vascular disease. 

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Cardiovascular Surgery Clinic

The clinic is dedicated for clients with cardiovascular disease, pre and post surgical consult. This may entail coronary artery, valvular disease, aneurysmal disease and vascular Peripheral Arterial Disease.

As part of your visit, we will collect vitals, family history, risk factors and progression since surgical intervention.

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Tavi Clinic

The Tavi Clinic assesses those individuals referred with a diagnosis of aortic stenosis for suitability to have a Tavi procedure. Tavi is a transcatheter aortic valve implantation. Individuals are assessed by members of the Tavi team, an interventional Cardiologist, Surgeon and the Tavi Nurse.

The clinic visit involves detailed assessment and education about the procedure and the process and testing that is required for a Tavi procedure to take place.

Cardiac Transplant Clinic

The Cardiac Transplant clinic is specialty clinic for patients with advanced heart failure in the Atlantic Provinces.  We follow pre and post transplant patients and those requiring mechanical circulatory support. 

Our multi-disciplinary team is composed of Surgeons, Dietician, Social worker, Psychologist, two Nurse Coordinators and Cardiologists who specialize in heart failure management.   

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