Recovery Group (Addictions)

The Recovery Group offers group counseling for adults where gambling and/or the use of alcohol or drugs have created problems in their lives. The group provides a positive place for people to grow, share and support other members in the recovery process. 

Driving While Impaired (DWI) Program

If your driver’s license has been suspended or revoked for an alcohol or drug-related offence, you are required by the Registry of Motor Vehicles to attend the DWI Program in order to get your license back.

This program includes an educational course and an alcohol and drug assessment screening. You may also be required to participate in the Alcohol Ignition Interlock Program (AIIP) which involves the use of a breath-testing device fitted to your vehicle’s ignition.

Withdrawal Management Program (Detox)

The Withdrawal Management Program helps people in crisis with substance use or gambling. Upon admission, staff helps people safely detoxify and manage the physical effects of their addiction. Afterwards, clients learn relapse prevention skills, plan their ongoing treatment and make contact with an addictions therapist and/or self-help group. We also offer personal and family counselling and assist with employability.

Withdrawal Management and Wellness (Detox)

The Withdrawal Management and Wellness Program ("Detox") combines functions of an outpatient (day program) withdrawal management (detox) and structured treatment, providing the support of a team-based approach. We match the program’s intensity and duration with an individual’s  needs and provide a shared-care approach focused on engaging with each client’s circle of care and circle of support.. 

It offers  withdrawal management and/or structured relapse preventions based on individual care plans.

Addictions Wellness Clinic

The Wellness Clinic is an ongoing, client-focused program that is based on what the client or group of clients want to work on that day. There is no waitlist or referral process. The client or family member simply walks in, meets with staff to form a care plan with them and then gets started.  

Opioid Treatment Program

The opioid treatment program is for adults with an addiction to opioid (prescription drugs).

This program includes: Opioid Replacement Treatment Induction (Methadone and Suboxone) and urine drug testing (with standardized, lab-adherent procedures, including Quality Control, Laser thermometer readings, full Provincial Health Record integration, and UDS kit inventory control), full client randomization as per College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia guidelines, counselling access, crisis management, and pharmacy liaison services.