A mammogram is an x-ray image of the breast. It is used to help detect and diagnose breast diseases. Mammograms are used on women and men who have symptoms of a breast problem, such as a lump. However, a routine screening mammogram is recommended for women beginning at the age of 40 with no symptoms. 

CAT Scan (CT)

CAT scans are a series of images that are made by a highly sophisticated computer and X-ray machine. CAT scans give more detailed pictures of bone and soft tissue organs than ordinary X-rays. For most patients, a contrast agent (dye) will be injected into a vein. It is used to outline blood vessels or fill up organs of the body such as the liver or kidneys so they can be seen more easily.

The results of the test will help your doctor recommend the best treatment for you.


Ultrasounds are used to view and take pictures of the organs inside your body. It uses high-frequency sound waves which cannot be heard. These sound waves bounce off of tissues using special devices and create a picture. Ultrasounds can help your health care provider diagnose and treat your illness or injury.

Ultrasounds can be used to view one or more parts of your body. They are also used on pregnant women to monitor the growth and development of their baby. 


An x-ray takes images of internal body structures (bones and soft tissue) to help see an injury or disease. The x-ray using energy sources such as the high frequency electromagnetic radiation. 

There are many different types of x-rays. Please read the preparation instructions provided to you. 

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