Seniors Mental Health

Seniors mental health services provide assessment, consultation and treatments to:

  • seniors aged 65 and older for a new onset of mental health challenges
  • individuals of any age with dementia and complicated behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia

These services are available to those individuals that need specialized assistance beyond their family physician, geriatricians or general adult psychiatrist. 

Emergency Crisis Program

The IWK Health Centre provides children and adolescents throughout the province with specialized mental health and addictions services. To learn more about these services visit the IWK Health Centre website.

Emergency crisis staff provides consultative service to the Cape Breton Regional Hospital and the St. Martha’s Regional Hospital Emergency Department in relation to individuals presenting with mental health or addiction crises.  

First Nation Services

Mental Health clinicians work as part of the first nations health care team in several first nations communities. The Mental Health Clinician provides assessment, diagnosis and treatment, and outreach services that can help people to manage mental illness, addictions and concurrent disorders, as well as acts as a liaison to other mental health and addiction services as required.

Sex Offender Program (Adults)

The Provincial Sex Offender Assessment and Treatment Program provides assessment and treatment to people living in the community. A majority of these individuals  have been convicted of an offence and are on parole or probation. 

The goal of the program is to make communities safer by minimizing the likelihood that people convicted of sex offences will commit repeat offences. Group programs are provided in Cape Breton area. 

Adult Day Program

The Adults Day Program is an education and wellness program for  individuals following a hospital stay for withdrawal from substances. These individuals attend the program five days a week for three weeks following which they transition to community-based individual therapy in our community mental health and addictions clinics. 

Eating Disorder Program

The Eating Disorders Clinic helps people overcome anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorders. The clinic offers a variety of treatment options through individual therapy, consultation with a dietician, and a series of groups that address concerns associated with eating disorders. 

Back to Our Roots (BTOR) Urban Farm

Back to Our Roots (BTOR) Urban Farm is located on the grounds of The Nova Scotia Hospital in Dartmouth, which serves mental health and addictions patients.

BTOR uses gardening as a way to promote physical, mental and environmental health. We do this by offering skills training and educational workshops on growing vegetables sustainably; making healthy food more accessible to hospital patients, staff and the community; and creating a space for gardening that's supportive and welcoming.

BTOR has four main components:

Adult Day Programs - Continuing Care

Adult Day programs provide personal assistance, supervision, and health, social, and recreational activities in a supportive group setting. The programs can also be used to provide respite care, training, and informal support to family caregivers. Adult Day programs are run by independent organizations, and there may be a daily fee charged by the provider. 

For more information about Adult Day programs, visit the Caregivers Nova Scotia website, call Caregivers Nova Scotia at 902-421-7390 or call 211.