This is a French translation of the English pamphlet 1724, "Scents in Blood Collection Clinics".
Many people who work in blood collection clinics are sensitive to scents. The pamphlet explains what steps will be taken if staff members become aware of a scent in the clinic, examples of personal products that are scented and health concerns that may affect people who are sensitive to scents. Tips for removing scents are also included.
An Arabic translation is also available under pamphlet number 1736 or print code AR85-1736.

Home Dialysis Unit

The Home Dialysis Unit provides home dialysis training and management to individuals that wish to maintain their independence by performing their own dialysis (peritoneal or hemodialysis) at home.

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In-Centre Hemodialysis Unit

In-Centre Hemodialysis Units provide hemodialysis in a hospital setting to inpatients, outpatients and patients in intensive care.  They provide support to satellite dialysis and home dialysis units in their program.

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This pamphlet is also available in French (FF85-1758).