Pediatric Outpatient Services

Children requiring treatment or observation will be cared for initially in the Emergency Department. After a maximum of 24 hours of observation, children are either discharged or admitted to the pediatric inpatient area. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Postnatal Care

Checking your baby’s feeding, weight gain and a general physical wellbeing will continue after your leave the hospital. Advice, ongoing support and follow-up will be available as you need it for feeding and caring for your baby. This may initially be provided in the hospital or you may be supported by a member of the Public Health team. They can also direct you to other community support organizations. 

Midwifery Care

Midwives are trained to care for women who are experiencing a normal pregnancy, and for their healthy newborns. They work closely with the prenatal clinic, family physicians, nurse practitioners, obstetricians, nurses and other care providers. 

Prenatal Clinics

Prenatal Clinics provide care to pregnant women throughout their pregnancy. The Clinic provides a good setting for mothers to receive quality care and helps the mother-to-be and family make informed choices. 
At each visit you will see the clinic nurse and physician. They will assess you and your growing baby. They will also give you information about your pregnancy and answer questions. 

Restorative Care

Restorative Care services works together with patients and families to restore an individual to as independent a life as possible following an illness or injury. The program includes physiotherapy and occupational therapy, exercise, leisure and therapeutic activities, and education/information sessions. 

Cardiac Surgery

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The cardiac surgery division of the Maritime Heart Centre is located in the Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre on Robie Street in central Halifax. Surgeons that work  at the centre are responsible for patients from Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island (approximately 1.1 million people) They are also responsible for heart transplants and mechanical heart surgeries for all of Atlantic Canada (2.5 million people).