Update on Phase 2 Of Fire Protection System Installation/Power Distribution Upgrade At New Waterford Consolidated Hospital

Work continues on Phase 2 of the project to install a fire protection system and upgrade the power distribution at the New Waterford Consolidated Hospital (NWCH).

Phase 2 started in July and is expected to run into mid-January. Phase 2 includes installing the system on Waterford Heights, a long-term care unit and in the physiotherapy and respiratory therapy departments on the hospital’s 3rd floor. Construction work on Waterford Heights, physiotherapy and respiratory therapy has been completed and clean-up work is underway. Clean-up is expected to be completed this week. Equipment, furniture and other items will be returned and set-up as the clean-up progresses. Electrical upgrades have been completed to two panels near the 2nd Floor nurses station and one panel near the operating room (OR).
Respiratory therapy will begin to move back to the 3rd floor in late September. Physiotherapy is expected to move back between late September and early October. In early October, up to 13 residents from Waterford Heights are expected to return to the unit. In the days prior to that, unit staff will return to help set up their stations and offices.

Construction work on the 2nd floor is scheduled to begin in mid-October. It will continue into December and is expected to be completed by mid-January. Areas impacted by this work include pharmacy, diabetic education, therapeutic dietitian office, waiting room, conference room, visiting doctors’ office and storage and office space. Pharmacy will temporarily relocate offsite but will ensure the hospital maintains its regular medication stock. The visiting doctors’ office will relocate to the emergency department for clinic/visit days. The offices for diabetic education and the therapeutic dietitian will relocate to the old nurses’ residence. Relocation areas for items/equipment in the waiting room, conference room, 2nd floor storage and office will be moved to the hospital’s Assembly Hall.

The installation work will not impact walk-in services at NWCH. People will still be able to access the lab for blood/specimen collections, diagnostic imaging for x-rays and the Emergency Department/Collaborative Emergency Centre (CEC) for care. People will also still be able to visit patients on the hospital’s 2nd floor Med/Surg unit. Offices and appointments for nurse practitioners (NPs), Mental Health & Addiction Services and Public Health Services are not impacted by the project. When construction restarts in mid-October, some parking on the west end of the hospital, facing King Street, will be temporarily relocated so the area can be used by the contractors for equipment and access to the building. People are reminded to use caution in any areas where work will be underway.

The installation of the system was recommended by the Fire Marshal and ensures ongoing safety for patients, residents, clients, visitors, staff and physicians. This is a large project that is be done in phases. Last summer, Phase 1 consisted of installing the system on the 2nd floor Med/Surg unit and the operating room area. Installation work in both phases has followed the standards and guidelines set out to ensure the health and safety of patients, residents, visitors, staff and physicians. It is estimated that Phase 2 construction will cost about $900,000. The tender for this work was awarded to Brilun Construction of Sydney.

Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) would like to thank the residents, staff and resident families of Waterford Heights as well as the staff and patients of physiotherapy and respiratory therapy for their patience during this phase of the project.


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