Phase 2 Of Project To Add Sprinkler System to New Waterford Consolidated Hospital Starts Soon

Work on Phase 2 of a project to add a fire sprinkler system to the New Waterford Consolidated Hospital (NWCH) will begin in the coming days.

The installation of the system is recommended by the Fire Marshal and ensures ongoing safety for patients, residents, clients, visitors, staff and physicians. This is a large project that will be done in phases. Last summer, Phase 1 consisted of installing the system on the 2nd floor Med/Surg unit and the operating room area.

Phase 2 is expected to run from July into mid-January. It is estimated that Phase 2 construction will cost about $900,000. The tender for this work was awarded to Brilun Construction of Sydney. Phase 2 includes installing the system on Waterford Heights, a long-term care unit and in the physiotherapy and respiratory therapy departments on the hospital’s 3rd floor. It will also include work on the 2nd floor in pharmacy, diabetic education, the therapeutic dietitian office and a conference room. Installation work will follow the standards and guidelines set out to ensure the health and safety of patients, residents, visitors, staff and physicians.

For Phase 2 to start, 16 residents from Waterford Heights have been temporarily relocated to other long term care facilities and the physiotherapy and respiratory therapy departments are temporarily relocated. Physiotherapy is now located in the Assembly Hall on the hospital’s main floor. Respiratory therapy is now located in the library in the old nurse’s residence at the hospital.

The installation work will not impact walk-in services at NWCH. People will still be able to access the lab for blood/specimen collections, diagnostic imaging for x-rays and the Emergency Department/Collaborative Emergency Centre (CEC) for care. People will also still be able to visit patients on the hospital’s 2nd floor Med/Surg unit. Offices and appointments for Nurse Practitioners (NPs), Mental Health & Addiction Services and Public Health Services are not impacted by the project. Some parking on the west end of the hospital, facing King Street, will be temporarily relocated as this area will be used by the contractors for equipment and access to the building. People are reminded to use caution in any areas where work is being done.

Updates will be shared with staff, physicians and the public as the project progresses.


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