'This career is very rewarding': Nursing as a way to give back to the community


Giving back to the community has always been important to Jessica Madden.

Growing up in the Barrington area, Jessica has coached young people in softball and bowling, and has organized and hosted several memorial lob ball tournaments in her community. She also has been a fundraiser and participant in the Relay for Life in memory of a dear friend. It is the memory of her friend that helped shape Jessica’s career plans.

"Having a friend with cancer who spent a vast majority of time in and out of hospitals certainly influenced my decision to become a nurse,” Madden said. “Being from a rural area has inspired me to want to give back to the community. I believe that working at Roseway Hospital as a registered nurse is great opportunity to give back.”

Madden joins Kaitlyn Shand as one of the two most recent recipients of the Roseway Hospital Health Professional Student Sponsorship. The sponsorship program is a partnership between Nova Scotia Health Authority and the Municipality of Shelburne, the Town of Shelburne, the Town of Lockeport, the Town of Clark’s Harbour, the Roseway Hospital Auxiliary and the Roseway Hospital Foundation.

The program supports local students enrolled in certain health professions to encourage them to return to Shelburne to work. Successful applicants receive $4,000 per year for two years to help with tuition.

When she was a nursing student, Madded had the opportunity to do clinical placements at Roseway Hospital. One of her former preceptors (an experienced nurse who oversaw her work as a student), remembers that whenever a patient asked Madden where she planned to work after graduation, she would reply, “Here at Rosewa,y I hope.”

Her dream came true when she started working at Roseway Hospital last year. While still a relatively new nurse, Madden has some advice for anyone thinking about nursing: “This career is very rewarding, and I cannot picture myself doing anything else at this point.”