Community Health Profile


What is a Community Health Profile?

A community health profile is a collection of information about the characteristics of the community, the health resources within the community, data describing the community and the community's perceptions of health.


Why is a Profile Important?

Factual information helps us achieve our mission of working together to promote and improve the health of individuals, families and communities.  It helps us to identify Health Issues and Priorities in our communities.


What does the Health Profile look like in my community?


Understanding our Health -Community Health Profile --Annapolis Valley

Health Profile Snapshot --Western Zone NS profile 2015


Information on our Community Health Plan Priority Issues:

 Chronic Disease       Mental Health & Wellness         Physical Activity & Healthy Eating      Access to Services


Factors that affect health and wellness: 

Poverty and Income Inequality           Literacy            AVH Population         Seniors in AVH    Sense of Belonging NSHA Western Zone