Community Health Plan

What is a Community Health Plan?

A Community Health Plan is a report about your community that describes the health of the people in your community, the conditions in which they live and the resources available that can be used to improve health. Community health planning is ongoing. It identifies the community’s health issues and outlines ideas and strategies which, when put in place, will work toward improving the overall health of the community.
It includes:
  • Information about our Community Health Board and our District Health Authority.
  • Highlights of an assessment of our community (e.g. data, community input and research).
  • A description of key health issues and priorities in our community.
  • Recommendations for strategies/action for the District Health Authority and local Community Health Boards. 

Community Health Plan

Check out our new collaborative Community Health Plan by clicking on an image below:

Collaborative Community Health Plan 2015


Our CHB priority areas for 2010-2015 are:

Preventing Chronic Disease, Increasing Physical Activity & Healthy Eating, Mental Wellness and Health Services. 
We believe to improve the health and wellness in our communities we need to work on the Social Determinants of Health.  

Information on our Health 'STAT'us:

Our CHB Community Health Survey  -  Executive Summary


Complete Survey:  Objectives and Methods, Chapter 1-Health Issues, Chapter 2- Demographics, Chapter 3-Physical Environment, Chapter 4-Social Support Networks, Chapter 5- Income, Education and Employment, Chapter 6-Food Security, Chapter 7-Stress, Chapter 8-Satisfaction with Life, Chapter 9-Physical Activity, Chapter 10-Changes made to improve Health, Chapter 11-Fruit and Vegetable Consumption, Chapter 12-Healthcare Access, Chapter 13-Homecare, Chapter 14-Chronic Conditions, Chapter 15-Health Status and Sense of Belonging, Chapter 16-Height, Weight and BMI, Chapter 17-Appendix


Reports on: