Central Kings Community Health Board (CKCHB)


Central Kings Community Health Board

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Members of the Central Kings Community Health Board 2017

 Chair: John Burka                              


Wendy Reynolds                  Penni Burrell                   Dawn Hare 

Valerie Starratt                    Fred Folz                        Laura Wilson

 Leanne Graham
The CKCHB recently held a celebration for the recipients of Wellness Funds this year.  Members are excited to have a greater role and connecton with these projects, and look forward to getting first-hand experience seeing the impact that these community groups have in creating healthy communities!
Members of CKCHB are actively sharing information on the roles and responsibilties of the Board and members.  If you are interested in hearing more about what we do, how you can get involved and how we could work together to create healthy and vibrant communities, please contact Leanne at ckchb@nshealth.ca or call 902-538-7088 OR talk to one of our members!

 Our meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month from 5-7 and locations vary. The public is welcome to attend. Contact the CHB Coordinator to confirm the meeting location, see below for contact information


We are currently seeking new members. Application available here.


Central Kings is located in the beautiful Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia, Canada.  It lies on the edge of the Bay of Fundy.  The approximate boundaries of "Central Kings" are Spittal Road and Pelton Mountain Road in the West, Middle Dyke Road and Deep Hollow Road in the East, the Bay of Fundy in the North and the County Line in the South.


map of Central Kings



Central Kings Community Health Board (CKCHB)
Phone: (902) 538-7088
Email: ckchb@nshealth.ca