2013-2016 Strategic Plan

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Annapolis Valley Health Strategic Plan 2013-2016

Annapolis Valley Health is pleased to release our third strategic plan, which was developed through consultation with our communities, partners, staff, physicians and volunteers.

To learn more about the process we followed and what we heard, please read our Community Update. A copy of the AVH Strategic Plan can also be viewed in pdf. The full report of the consultations and the strategy are available for download below.

Our 2013-2016 Strategic Directions

Build healthy communities for Annapolis Valley residents.

Focus Area: Population Health

  • Strengthen our role in public policy.
  • Monitor our residents’ health status and work to reduce inequities.
  • Create supportive environments with a focus on the determinants of health.
  • Support the Community Health Boards and their health plans.

Strengthen integration and access across the system.

Focus Areas: Appropriate and Accessible Services and Teams; Health Promotion, Disease Prevention and Management

  • Provide appropriate and sustainable programs/services that meet community need.
  • Enhance primary health care services.
  • Support integrated services in primary, acute, long-term, and community-based care.
  • Simplify navigation of the health system and community supports.
  • Consider transportation and geography in program design and delivery. 
  • Strengthen opportunities for self management, early intervention, and preventive care.

Establish the right tools and resources for success.

Focus Areas: Team-Based and Person-Focused; Partnerships; Communication and Technology

  • Support integrated and interdisciplinary health teams.
  • Treat everyone with trust, respect, and appreciation.
  • Partner with individuals and families in care delivery. 
  • Create quality partnerships within the health system and community.
  • Strengthen public participation in the health system.
  • Enhance meaningful and effective communication.
  • Enhance the use of technology.

Provide safe, high quality care and services.

Focus Areas: Quality, Safety and Ethics

  • Focus on continuous improvement and health system monitoring.
  • Foster a culture of inquiry and innovation.
  • Improve safety practices, outcomes, and experiences.
  • Strengthen ethical practice and accountability.
  • Consider and include feedback in planning and decision making.

Sustain a vibrant, safe, and healthy organization.

Focus Area: Organizational Health

  • Foster safe, positive workplace practices, procedures, and culture.
  • Support learning opportunities and leadership development.
  • Attract and retain the right mix of successful health team members.

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If you questions about the 2013-2016 AVH Strategic Plan, please email us at plan@avdha.nshealth.ca.